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Hot in the front, cold in the back? HOW?

I have a kia sedona mini van and this is the first mini van i have ever had. On a car I have a good understanding how the heat works. I am baffaled on my heat in this mini van. the front heat works great, get hot pretty fast and works great. My back heat comes on and blows cold air. Where does the heat come for the back heater and if I am getting air but not hot air what might be the reason?

It circulates the coolant all the way back there. If it is really cold, it can take a while to warm up the lines and the mini-core back there. Also, there is a TSB to replace these lines around 50K miles (at least on my 2003 there was), as they go and you lose all your coolant. I had that done shortly before I traded it in. I wish they had used an electric heater.

Since I bought it used i don’t know if those have been replaced on mine. Would you lose coolant if not using it or only when you use it?

If the Sedona has more than one heater core, then the one that provides heat for the back may be clogged.

Heat should come out on the floor vents. I did have people bring their Sedonas in because they wanted heat out of the roof vents.

My vents are in the roof right by the doors and near the back.

Look on the floor for heat. You never will get heat out of the vents near the roof.

I realize a Sienna is a different animal. But, my 2002 has been used mostly in hot country. When we did visit north, there were only two of us in the front seat, so we never used heat for the back.

Last year, I discovered it won’t put heat back there. If I turn the rear control behind my head to hot, the blower sounds really strained, and nothing comes out the back. I am assuming there is a door that has to open, near the passenger door, because that is where the strained sound comes from. It sounds as if the door is stuck, and will not open the other way. I have not bothered to have it fixed, because if I haven’t used it in 9 years, I probably do not have a great need.

Went out and looked, nothing on the floor, two vents by the side pannel doors and two more near the back tailgate.

Doesn’t matter if the heater is on or off. When/if either hose ruptures, you’ll lose all your coolant.

You are taking my designation too literaly. Let me put it a different way, heat will never come out of vents at or above your head level, heat will come out of vents at or close to your feet. I don’t know why people expect heat out of head level vents but you are not the first. Think of it you don’t want heat blowing at your head,you want heat at the floor level, then it rises.

I am sorry but i am kinda lost. Are you saying that since the vents are in the roof I will never have heat come out those vents no matter what and it was a design flaw in the Sedona?

What will come out of those roof vents is “chilled” air from your AC, there is no design flaw here.

Call me stupid then…because why then put a dedicated Rear heat switch in if you are not going to get heated air?

You should be getting heated air out of the vents closest to the floor (if you have “floor” selected on the HVAC ontrol head on the dash).

I have 1 control for where the heat is suppose to come out. The choices are defrost, defrost/feet, upper/feet and upper. All of those selections work on my front dash heat sources. Are you saying to get heat for my back area of the van I need to have them on upper?

i am so sorry to be asking so many “stupid” questions but i searched through the owners manual and found nothing and like i said I have never had a mini van with this spilt type of heating before. I want to thank you for all your help in answering my questions.

I am saying you must have the control set to “floor” to get heat in the back

I will try that tonight and see what happens, thank you very much for all your help and understanding.

Just wanted to add my findings to this as I have just got a Sedona. Mine too would only blow cold air from the rear roof vents. The person who said cold air will only come out of these vents is correct. I think the missing piece to the puzzle is a switch called the HTR RR. Or at least this seems to be the case on mine. What I have found in mine is there are two fans dials/switches one for the front and one for the rear. There is also the heater control which I have set to hot.if I turn the front fan switch to full and the heater set to hot this will send hot air out the front to vents. If I turn the rear fan switch to full this blows cold air out the rear roof vents which is correct. If I press the switch HTR RR this shuts of the air coming through the roof vent and blows hot air out the vents in the rear near to the floor. Hope this helps someone

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