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Loosing power when load is applied

My 2000 corolla has about 180,000 miles and loses power when I put it in gear. But the engine revs just fine when it is in neutral or park. What could be

Make sure it’s caught up with basic maintenance listed in the owner’s manual, like spark plugs, air filter etc.
I believe this car has a “lifetime” fuel filter, but it can be checked for clogging by removin the fuel pump from the gas tank.
Clean the MAF sensor. Do a compression test and fuel pressure test. Check valve clearances.

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@circuitsmith 's advice is spot on the money. I’d start w/that. I’ll add a few more ideas to tag to the list if that all doesn’t pan out

  • Check for a clogged cat. Start by measuring intake manifold vacuum.

  • Check the ignition timing is correct at idle and advances with rpm like it should.

  • Check the EGR function.

While someone is holding the brake and shifting from PARK to DRIVE repeatedly watch for the engine to move toward the rear. If it moves look closely at the large rubber air supply pipe from the air filter housing to the engine. A split in that pipe will leak air and a failing engine mount will pull the split open and cause a significant leak that will result in a significant power loss.

Another idea, the brakes are stuck on. After a short drive check if any of the wheels are really hot.