Corolla loss of power

I have a 2005 Corolla LE 5-speed with 101,xxx. I have owned it a year and last fall noticed that when it got cold and first started it up the car would idle hunt. While getting some warranty work done I brought it up to the dealership and they said the throttle body was dirty and they would clean it for 100. I found a local garage that will clean it for fifty. I think my new problem may be related. I have noticed during the past week or so when I am in 3rd and 4th, haven’t noticed in 5th yet, gear when I get around 3,000rpm and I punch it just a little bit lets say to pass someone I initially lose power before the car goes. It feels almost like an automatic that has a transmission slipping but it’s a stick and it does not occur while changing gears. It is very brief. I lean into the pedal a bit and then the car loses power just a bit and then peps up and goes.

I am wondering if this may be related to the throttle positioning sensor having crud on it. There is also no check engine light on.

Thanks in advance


I would get the MAF (mass air flow) sensor cleaned.
It’s a few inches away from the throttle, an if the throttle body is dirty the MAF could be too.
It’s also time to check/replace the PCV valve, which is also in that neighborhood.

The garage did say they would clean the MAF, I will check the PCV…Thanks!