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Looks too wet Under. Service Engine Soon. Rattling. Etc

EDIT: Since I opened this discussion, might as well ask additional questions. Previously while driving along State Route 73, I did noticed that the sound from the engine seemed to be off from the normal engine sound that I hear.

It seemed like gasping for air and acceleration at that time was not normal. Even if I did push the accelerator pedal all the way down the floor, the car is accelerating too slow compared to before. Not sure if that toll road has high sea elevation or not.

While exiting that toll road, road is going downwards, the steering wheel as well as all things on the front dash suddenly rattled heavily and loudly every time I push the brake pedal. The rattling was too heavy that the vehicle steered left and right on it own.

I just thought it was just dust but then again it felt like the brakes or something in the front wheels are broke.

The steering wheel and dash seemed to rattle seldom.

But what does anyone think of it?

Does it seemed like I also have to check the brake system at the front wheels?

I am trying to find out the cause of the Service Engine Soon. I looked at the undercarriage(?) and saw the brown metal thing looking too wet


Is that normal?

The Service Engine Soon lit up so I am trying to find out and fix the cause.

It lit up after my car’s front bumper hit a small plastic pole on the part of the freeway, the far left lane under construction for a very looooong time as I was told, some nights ago-too dark, raining, and those poles did not have reflectors on it.

And I already checked/did the following.

  • Visually, all 4 oxygen sensors seemed and looked fine.
  • Gas cap is tight.

I have yet to replace the air filter, cabin filter, and the oil change thing. And it’s been a year (or 2?) since the last oil change.

2005 Mitsubishi Galant ES
Around 89k miles (If you are tracking my post history, then you may notice last 2015, the mileage was around 80k. Reason for that is I don’t drive much during those past years. But have been driving more recently.)

Error Code: P0401

The light might just be telling you that it is time for an oil change - routine (check your owners manual), or it may be telling you something else is wrong. Take the car to an auto parts store and have the codes read, they will be in a format similar to P1234, post the codes here and someone might be able to figure out what is going on.


Looks like it’s damp from a slow oil leak. Do you use much oil? If not, I would just make sure I check the oil periodically.


I think the “Service Engine Soon” light is just a PM (preventative maintenance) advisor. Your owners manual will explain. Some only indicate that it is time for an oil change, others are more comprehensive.

A “Check Engine Light” indicates a fault in the engine. For that, you need to take is some place to have the code(s) read. Some auto parts places like AutoZone will read them for free. If you have a code, post the actual number here and you will get some useful advice. Without the code, you are just blindly stumbling around.

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The Error Code is P0401. Something about the EGR.

Is there a way to clean the dirt out of the whole engine compartment or bay (or whatever it’s called)?

Can I just hose water over it or there is a “special” solution to clean that part of the vehicle?

Clean the EGR passage. There might be a Mitsi specific one out there but you get the idea.

But you need oil change and probably air filter by now too, and you can’t tell the condition of an O2 sensor by looking at it.

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Regarding that part that looks too wet. Around a year or 2 ago, all oil changes are handled by the dealer so I don’t know if the dealer mechanic was using too much oil or not.


I already changed the air filter earlier since it was the same air filter have been using for around a year or 2 already.

Think about it a little. Looks too wet from a year or so ago? Oil, moisture? On the rubber wrapping of the wires? How could too much oil two years ago cause a problem with moisture on the wire? And you haven’t checked the oil level in two years to see if it was high or low? In other words there is no connection whatsoever, so maybe just take it to a shop for the engine light but don’t tell them it looks too wet or you might get taken.

No, not too much oil at oil changes, I meant does your car use oil between oil changes, because if that wet spot is an oil leak you are losing some amount of oil? How often do you add a quart of oil?

After each previous oil changes service done by the dealer, I did not do nor touched that part of the engine/car. The only fluid I tried to refill is the windshield wiper fluid reservoir.

Update: Right now, it seems either replacing the EGR valve or cleaning it would resolve the error code P0401. I used a diagnostic scanner, not sure if that scanner is reliable, but the O2 sensors are okay.

If you mean you do not check your oil between oil changes, that is a mistake. You need to make sure your engine has enough oil


Sorry but you just are not listening. It’s not the just valve that just opens and closes, but it’s the passages likely that are in the intake. See the youtube.

I am listening.

I am just thinking if there are underlying error codes that are not showing up during the scan.

I already checked the videos that are specific to the Galant 2005.

Like the following video.

Ohh… I did not know that. Thank you for the information on needing to check oil levels in between oil changes. That will be useful for future.

Your car’s EGR valve is supposed to open in certain situations that are strenuous on the engine (like during fast accelerations, going uphill, etc) in order to cool off the combustion chambers a little. Done to minimize the formation of nitrogen containing air pollutants. This is a federal emissions requirement, but it also protects the internal engine parts from becoming too hot and damaging them, so it helps you as the car owner too. The EGR valve is carefully controlled for each driving situation to open just the right amount, no more, no less, as anything not the correct amount will result in some combination of air pollution or poor engine performance. The amount of EGR flow (determined by a combination of how wide the valve is open and how well exhaust is able to flow through the passages from the valve to the intake manifold) is often figured out w/a part called an EGR Modulator. The code is saying the computer is commanding (or expecting the modulator is commanding) the EGR to be open a certain amount for the current driving situation, but the engine sensors are saying the egr flow into the intake manifold isn’t as much as it should be. So the likely possibilities are some combination of

  • the egr valve is stuck
  • the egr system passages are clogged
  • the egr modulator is broke
  • the sensors the computer used to determine egr flow are broke