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Looking to buy a used Audi

I’m looking to buy a used audi is there one year better than the other in the 2009 body style and how worried should I be about the expensive problems some of them have?

9 year old European car and you are worried about expensive problems? You should be.

On, the 2009 A4 has the greatest number of complaints for that model (the B8 style)

And they are mo$tly engine complaint$ which mean$ expen$ive complaint$. You can look for yourself thru the various years. Newer cars have fewer complaints but that only makes sense. Likely the direct injection engine intake sludge problem is the reason.

Just for the record, I own a '14 A4, which I like very much. The Audi dealer in my town has a beautiful showroom and service waiting room with free espresso, fresh baked cookies and a big screen TV. I think I know how it was paid for…