Used 2009 Audi A4


I am looking at an Audi A4 that has 151k mileage. A 4 cylinder 2.0 liter engine with turbo . It is listed @ 6k and was wandering if I’d be able to get enough mileage out of it to make it worth it

Impossible to say. Your best bet is to pay a mechanic to give it a serious look befoe you buy it. These engines have a tendency to carbon up their intake valves which kills the power. I will say any high mileage car will need work at times. An Audi that needs work is going to cost you big bucks.

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with Audi’s history of expensive maintenance I would skip this one!

Anything that goes wrong on this car is a maintnenance item after getting to this mileage. Parts will be expensive just because it’s an Audi. If it checks out well after a prepurchase inspection and you don’t mind expensive parts, then go for it. If high parts cost bothers you, don’t look at luxury cars.

Oh, just go for it , someone has to buy these things.


Personally. A 10 year old Audi would be something I would run away from. Too many better used cars out there.

Consumer Reports puts the 2009-2911 A4 on their list of Worst Used Cars “based on much-worse-than-average reliability for the years shown based on member responses to our exclusive Auto Survey.” - April 2019 CR, page 83.

With patience and money it could last a long, long time, if you like it enough to keep it.

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Hard to know without in inspection by a mechanic, my first stop would be to talk to the local german car shop that’s been around for years and I know a few of their regular customers.

This is the same year and i believe the same basic engine as my brothers GTi which has been maintained by his local Euro specialist since brand new and hasn’t been terribly expensive or troublesome to maintain but is a load of fun to drive.