Buying A Used 2005 Audi A4

Do these cars break down a lot? The one I’m looking at has 25k on it.


Yes, they have a much higher than average incidence of breakdowns and any repairs are very expensive; budget about three times that for an average US car. Beyond 130,000 miles they go downhill very fast, so they don’t live as long as a Toyota, for instance.

Consumer Reports has an issue once per year with reliability ratings for each model for each year. Track that down and check. Audi tends to be pretty unreliable in general, for what that’s worth, and it seems like a lot of their problems aren’t easy to fix, like intermittent electrical gremlins.

But they do look nice!

Thank you! I appreciate your feedback!

The major issue with the car is expensive repair costs when they do happen.

According to CR it looks like 2006 was a much improved year to above average reliability. 2005 and before is well below average but that does not mean you will encounter problems (maybe 20% of 05 A4’s tops).