New european cars


I am moving to the UK this fall and want a car which I cannot get in the states. I currently drive a 2007 BMW 335I, which I absolutley love. Any suggestions?


I suggest you ask when you get there, not many here will have any first hand experiences with vehicles there.


Is that your only criteria? Only that a car be unavailable in the USA? There must be more to your request.


You do need to be more specific as to type and price range, I would also start reading European auto magazines for the reviews and the ads. You can also find a lot a lower end euro cars that are not imported to the U.S. (i.e., A and B-class benz). I assume you are aware of the price of “petro” in the UK.


There are so many over there. I would suggest looking at and other sites. You can actually get very nice Ford’s and GM’s (Opel/Vauxhall’s) instead of the mediocre domestic cars we get here.


Pick your favorite Bimmer and put a diesel in it.