Looking for used SUV/Hatchback


I currently have an 06 PT Cruiser that I use primarily for transporting my dogs (G. Shepherd and Bulldog) and shopping. I removed the back seats for more room. I’d like an upgrade in terms of performance, safety, amenities. I’m looking for a used model with less than 40,000 miles in the $12,000-$15,000 price range. Suggestions on options? I’m considering Ford Escape Hybrid, Mazda, Subaru, etc., but am open to anything.


The ultimate doggie bus seems to be the Honda Insight.


Thanks; I will check into that model.


I would recommend a Honda CRV, definitely an upgrade in all your request and in you price range new for a 2007-2008 model.


Are you thinking of the Honda Element? The Insight seems like an okay car, but nothing to particularly make it a dogmobile. The Element, on the other hand, should win hands down if for no other reason than the hose-out interior!


Yes, minor brain failure! The Element is the dog carrier. The insight is the electric hybrid. I think Honda is selling a dog package on new Elements - cage wall, ramp, etc.