Looking for reliable auto transport - Moving my car from Colorado to Oregon


Can you recommend a company that does long haul car moving. My 1970 VW Beatle is in Colorado and needs to be hauled on a truck to Portland, Oregon. I have consided driving it out, but I does poorly on 75 mph Freeways. It already has 250,000 miles. Thank you.


You don’t HAVE to drive 75 mph on freeways. The minimum speed is usually 45 mph. I wouldn’t recommend sitting in the right hand lane at 46 mph, but it’d be legal to do so. If the car will do 55-60 comfortably and can be pushed to 70 for a short distance if circumstances demand it would be fine. I’ve driven across the country several times at 55mph (around 1980 when 55 was the speed limit and again a few years ago pulling a U-haul trailer with a maximum recommended speed of 45mph). You can also take the older roads and pull over from time to time when you start to build up a tail of speed demons.

I believe that most of the major US moving companies (e.g. Mayflower, Beacon’s, etc) can handle car moving. Grab the yellow pages and make a few calls. Be prepared for sticker shock when you get the prices.


Where do you live? In the west; most people are doing 85 plus as there is no traffic in alot of areas. Yes the speed limit maybe 70 to 75 but thats not reality in CO, WY, ID, MT. If you are even doing 75, the speed limit; they will tail you until they can pass you and if they arent too nice; they come up behind you and then pass you. That is if these people dont illegally pass you.

This is 2007 and if you arent doing at least the speed limit; be prepared for alot of problems out here so we cant blame them for not wanting to drive that far with a car that doesnt do 65 at least for long stretches. There is also alot of construction going on the motorways in some parts so if she wants to hold up a large queue; she had better transport the car. She’s lucky there arent too many passes where her speed will drop even further on the way to OR so again transport is better.


I have used Auto Transport Group (ATG) from Denver before. They have a website at ATGLC.com.


Where do you live? In the west; most people are doing 85 plus as there is no traffic in alot of areas. Yes the speed limit maybe 70 to 75 but thats not reality in CO, WY, ID, MT.


I live in Vermont, but I drive in the remote parts of the West fairly frequently. Most recently in November of last year when I drove a rented Chevy Suburban loaded to the headliner with aparment furnishings from Seattle to Vermont. 55-60mph is a perfectly safe and acceptable speed most places. I actually drove it a smidge over 60 most of the way – compromise between gas mileage and my desire to get that thing back into the hands of the rental company as soon as possible. (Actually, it seems – except for the totally incomprehensible panel controls – to be not a bad vehicle albeit way too large for my needs). The exception is NOT the wide open spaces of the West. The problems are the big cities in the midwest (as well as that isolated island of vehicular lunacy, San Diego) where driving way too fast for conditions and tailgating are the norm rather than the exception.

Next time you are whistling through the West at 85mph plus pay some attention to what is going on over the right hand lane. You’ll find a number of vehicles trundling along, not causing any problem, not arriving too much later, and getting a hell of a lot better gas mileage than you do.

As for the non-interstates. I drive them also sometimes. Nobody but a few card carrying morons is driving 85 plus on those things. There are, for gods sake, kids, large mammals-both wild and domesticated, farm vehicles, old folks trundling 1960 vintage boats into town at 35mph and even bicycles on them at times. A couple of years ago, I passed three guys on bicycles a few miles apart on US6 about half way between Delta, UT and Ely, Nevada. You can get more isolated than that, but not easily.

I would note that if you are going to drive slower than 65 on the interstate, you do need to pay attention to what is going on behind you and be prepared, on rare occasions, to speed up to prevent inconveniencing overtaking traffic. And I’d also note that at less than 55 you will be a problem for overtaking traffic too often unless traffic is very light. But as for the rest of the everyone travels as close to the speed of light as they can get and that’s only right and proper nonsense. It is, in my opinion exactly that, nonsense,


Balderdash our foot!!!

We drive 40,000 miles a year in CO, WY, ID, MT, ETc. We drive motorways to dirt roads and we can assure you as someone who does deliveries on these same roads that people drive 85 plus. Even on dirt roads when we are going 25 to 30 we are getting passed by locals.

No we dont say we drive 85 but we see enouigh of them including the semis doing it that we know what we are talking about.

Why do they do this? cuz unlike VT and yes we have been there; there is very little traffic; very few highway patrol due to budget cuts on the roads and people just want to get places. Very few get tickets too.

We just came back from 4 weeks of work in ID / WY and we got passed so many times; it was unreal and not all of it legal passing. When we got to the CO border; boy did we see traffic and have to watch for more idiots on the road then usual.

Even the rec trailers are doing 75 especially if they have a plate from ID / WY / MT so dont know what you are talking about since there are few rec trailers on the road (except if they have to go up hills).

One or a few over the road trips to the west; doesnt make you an expert. If you cant drive at least the speed limit out here; stay off the roads!!! (By the way and we ought to know; there are few side roads out here to get places. For most places you are stuck on the motorway especially going straight north to south or east to west so there are nno roads to go slower on.)


Thank you for the posting. This is the type of information I am looking for. There seem to be many companies doing auto hauling and I would like to choose one with confidence. Neil W


When I made a long-distance move, Mayflower loaded my Porsche 911 on the van. They built a cover over it with 2x4s and loaded more stuff on top of that. The price was reasonable and it was delivered to my door with the furniture.