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Looking for new fuel tank for 1992 Buick Roadmaster

My dealer has a problem finding parts for my 1992 Buick Estate Wagon. They now are looking for another used fuel tank for my 1992 Estate Wagon. They found one but it leaked once it was installed. Can anyone help us find another but good used fuel tank?

This is not something a dealer shop is set up for. You need to contact a local salvage and have them use there locator service. Also on this old vehicle you might have an independent garage look into a fuel cell like the custom car builders do.

Thank you…up to this point I have left the finding of another used fuel tank in hands of the deaker’s service dept. I really cannot complain because that dealer has been more than kind and considerate by providing me a loaner while the look for replacement parts. Sad for them and for me that there is not a new station wagon on the market, even the new Buick TourX, that has an independently opening rear window. Not having that feature is a deal breaker for me…so I am forced and my dealer is forced to try and keep my “senior” Buick Wagon on the road as long as possible. Thanks for your suggestions.

You need to talk to shops that specialize in restorations

There are shops out there that are able to overhaul fuel tanks and coat the inside, so that they don’t leak

That is not going to happen ever again. For one thing they are expensive to make and repair. But the big factor is that when open while driving they can pull exhaust fumes into the vehicle.

Fortunately BMW believes otherwise as do I. If my '92 Buick wagon with that wonderfully independently useful opening rear window really dies then at least there is the BMW auto manufacturer to which I can turn. Believe by then I should be able to afford a used BMW wagon.

As for having to repair such a window, that is a myth. My 25 year old Buick wagon’ s rear opening window has never ever had to be repaired. Also it is mounted on hinges and is raised up to open. I always notice immediately when or if I leave that window open, the noise caused by the wind makes it clear enough for me to stop and close it. However perhaps the rear windows which electronically rolled down into the bottom half of the back gate were not as obviously open to the driver and perhaps could pull in fumes. I only know the hingesd rear window in my 25 year old Buick wagon has never caused such a problem.

If such a window is too expensive for wagon manufacturers to offer in bulk, then

they should offer it as an option for buyers to make the decision about expense or not!!

Db4690. Thank you. I plan to take your’s and other positive suggestions to my service team chief. He’s great and honest and someone who will be open to tryi ng the suggestions if possible and feasible.


In the Buffalo NY area we have places like “The good door store” that get truckloads of rust free southern parts like fender, doors and gas tanks. I am sure there must be similar places near you. Look under “Auto parts used”

I have purchased several gas tanks and they all looked like new.