Looking for Daytime Running Lamps Control Module


Looking for Daytime Running Lamps Control Module. Car is a 1997 Geo Metro, 3 speed Auto transmission, 4 cyl engine. Need to know where it’s located at. Thanks for any help! Yes I do have a Chilton repair manuel but it does’nt show location.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


I can’t say for your vehicle, but the Haynes repair manual for my 2000 Olds Silhouette states the DRL module is located under the instrument panel to the right of the steering column.

Why do you ask?


I’ve looked at the wireing schematics and it shows that the low beam light wireing as will as the day light running lights run through this module. My exwife is having problems with intermitant problem of her DLRL and low beams not working. Got another parts car that I know that this model works and I was going to swap them out to see if it fixes the problem.


I found it! It is to the right of the steering column. It is mounted on it’s own bracket. The problem was corrected by tightening the screw that held it to the bracket.


Congrats! Now that was a simple fix eh? That screw must be the ground.




Yes it was a simple fix! It also took care of another problem I was having too. The IGN Fuse would blow every once and awhile. After fixing the problem with the ligts I took another look at the wireing schematics and found out that this same module also connected to this fuse. So when it didn’t have a good enough ground it would increase the amperage and blow this fuse.