Looking for a recommendation


My neice just turned 16 and her parents are considering getting her a used car. They want something safe and good on gas. She’s okay with that as long as it also looks a little sporty. Ballpark $ range is $8,000 - $10,000. Any ideas???

Thanks much!


Have the daughter suggest which cars are acceptable and pick the best one. There should be lots of consumers guides at the book store. With pictures.


Hondas are good as long as they haven’t been abused or neglected by previous owners. Two suggestions are the Civic Si and Prelude. Unless you don’t want her in a convertible, Mazda Miatas are also good. Make sure you take any candidates to a competent, honest mechanic for a thorough, pre-purchase inspection.


Let the daughter pick, then go shopping for that car in reasonable condition and price.

My 17 year old is currently looking for a summer job and is talking about buying a car. When I pointed out the cost of filling the gas tank, she started thinking about buying a scooter.


Honda’s are terrible for youth when you get the insurance bill. For a teen I would suggest finding a low insurance vehicle as it will be high especially if you spend $8-10k as you will want full coverage.


A midsize car is a good compromise between mileage, insurance costs, and sporty image. These include the Accord, Camry, G6, Sonata, Fusion and many others. This URL has data on the relative cost for damage and medical bills. Lower is better. When she narrows the list down, confirm insurance costs with her insurer. Generally, lower values in this table equate to lower insurance costs. Size can be changed in a menu bar above the statistics and body type can be changed in a menu on the right.