Looking for a recommendation


My neice just turned 16 and her parents are considering getting her a used car. They want something safe and good on gas. She’s okay with that as long as it also looks a little sporty. Ballpark $ range is $8,000 - $10,000. Any ideas???

Thanks much!


You can buy a lot of car for that money. I will just say that for a 16 year old I won’t buy a sporty car. You want to keep her alive, so get something boring. Something that her friends would not be that interested to get in and nobody would want to race with. Most family sedans would qualify, each brand has its own; Taurus/Sable; Malibu; Camry; Corolla the list goes on.


A used Corolla S would be good - it looks kinda sporty, but is slow. Also, a Hyundai Tiburon with the 4 cylinder engine would be good. Also, what about a VW New Beetle?


A Chevy Prizm. You should be able to pick up a 2002 for about $5k. The Prizm is essentially a Corolla with a Chevy badge


Lots of good ideas here. Consider your maintainence and repair options in your area when buying a used car. For my daughter we got an 86 taurus with peeling paint and a dent on the roof. Since I am a parts man at a Ford dealer my service options are excellent for the Ford but I wouldn’t buy an Audi in this town for the non-existant service potential. Also, for a new driver, get a car you can work on together for absolutely priceless quality time ! ( Yes, my daughter CAN change her own oil, plugs, belts, spare tire, wiper blades, fuses, battery, and filters. ) If the 16 year old is expected to contribute her money toward the car’s expenses then definitely shop for your service options and not just the purchase price.


Safe for a 16 YO girl? How about a car without a back seat?


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