Looking for a part for an 89 Honda

I have an 89 Honda Accord LXi, that needs a new, or should I say, not cracked, Left Front Strut Mounting Fork. This part is no longer made by Honda, and local junkyards don’t have any LXi’s. Are there other places to check that might have this part? I’m not even sure how much this would be, or if it could be shipped to my home. Looking for any advice to track down this strut mounting fork! Thanks~~

Try this site. It’s probably your best bet for finding the part, since it reaches Honda owners across the country:


Just because the junk yard doesn?t have any LXi?s doesn?t mean they don?t have the part. LXi is just the trim level like EX or DX. Don?t just ask them if they have any LXi?s, ask them if they have that part for a 1998 Accord I don?t think the Trim level would matter on a chassis part.

Firstly, what Pvtpublic said. the Dx/Lx/Lxi don’t correspond to the body type, although it does seem like more of the Lxi’s are 2-doors or Hatchbacks. I’m fairly sure there’s no difference in the suspension on the trim levels-- the Lx’s just have all the powered interior goodies and the Lxi’s are fuel injected. So the strut mount should be the same.

Okay, as for parts sources, look here for new parts: www.majestichonda.com
They’re expensive, but if there’s any of them left anywhere they’ll have 'em. It would also be helpful because using their catalog you should be able to confirm which trim levels and body styles taks the same part.

Otherwise, www.car-part.com is a nation-wide junkyard search program.

Here’s the direct link to Majestic’s parts page, so you don’t have to navigate through their site:


not only do they have the best inventory of parts, they also oftentimes have (by a good margin) the lowest price, and they charge reasonable shipping rates. They sent me a (heavy) rear bumper for a CRX for only $12 shipping.

You might also take a look here: