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1999 xj8

I have the opportunity to receive a 1999 xj8 with 20,000 miles. It was my moms car and is in showroom condition. Not much has been done as no problems appeared. What issues should I expect. I have limited funds and don’t really need it, but could keep it and drive it in summer using my Subaru in winter. Thoughts?

If this car is free, I’d say jump all over it unless it’s been parked for a number of years. If it’s been driven now and then it should be fine.

Maintenance is the same as any other vehicle and at this point the only question marks that I could see would involve changing the fuel/air filters, the accessory belt, possibly the battery, and maybe the tires if they’re the originals.

If the car has been stored inside a garage and the enviro conditions are not too bad it’s possible the tires could have survived any potential dry rot and may be fine.
Just look for minute cracking in the sidewalls and down in the tire tread grooves.
Sounds like a deal to me.

The words “limited funds” and “Jaguar” don’t mix well.

The XJ8 is a beautiful car, but if and when it needs ANYTHING it will cost a fortune, and the car is 11 years old, so, even though it hasn’t been used much it will need something as soon as you start driving it.

Be prepared to spend some money.

Good luck.

If this vehicle is running well then it’s also a great opportunity to put some money in the bank. Since you don’t need it I would treat this as a windfall and get the most money out of it before it becomes a problem and it will become a problem sooner or later. It should sell well because it is a great looking vehicle and a lot of people want to drive a Jag.

If you commute in the Subaru and use the Jaguar as an evening and weekend ride, then it should work well for you. It sounds like it has been maintained well, and that is the biggest issue. Although maintenance and repairs are expensive for any Jaguar, limiting annual mileage will keep annual cost down. If you drive it occasionally (not your usual commuting car) the insurance will be a lot less. Call you insurer and see what they want for the XJ-8 driven occasionally and one you drive to work for half the year. I bet the decision becomes easy.