Looking for a hybrid that has cruise control that starts at 1 MPH

I had a rental with this feature but I don’t remember which car it was. But it was a car that had adaptive cruise control. I think there’s probably quite a few newer cars with this feature that work the you want. You can search for the term that @Nevada_545 used or maybe even download some car manuals and see the instructions for their adaptive cruise control systems. Many sales people do not know the little details of the features of the cars they sell.

Yes, thanks, I did that right away and either this term is coined by Toyota or they’re the only cars that do this. But I know that’s not true bc our Subaru has this as well. Why I say this is bc only Toyotas come up when I google this term. I’ll have to look in the Subaru manual.

The car that I rented that had this definitely wasn’t a Toyota or Subaru. So there are others out there.

The steering wheel speed control are not meant for normal driving. They are there so if your cruise is set at 60 mph you can just push the button a coupe of times and increase your cruise speed.

We had one person here a few months ago and he was using cruise and tried to increase his speed a lot and lost traction on a slippery road.

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Each car company has their own trademark names, radar cruise control and adaptive cruise control are generic terms. You need to research each system to find out their capabilities, most radar cruise systems are not full-speed range capable.

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I can’t see any trim model of Venza not having cruise control . Was this a new one or used . There are just very few vehicles that don’t have cruise now.

I think she was telling us that the car salesperson was too dumb to be able to figure out how to activate the Cruise Control, and considering some of the car salesmen whom I have encountered, that is believable.

The only relatively-recent model I have seen w/o Cruise Control is my friend’s Scion IQ, but that model is a bare-bones econobox.

I looked up and found the owner’s manual for a Honda CR-V hybrid (2022) and looked inits index at the end of the nearly 700 page manual! The info about adaptive cruise starts at 517. Good luck!

Honda manual

You can find any manual by Googling something like:

Official owner’s manual 2022 Ford Explorer

obviously you put in whatever you want for the car.

I don’t know why anyone thinks cruise control under 25 mph would be dangerous, it disengages when you touch the brakes.

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My next solution was teo sections of a broomstich with hose clamps to make a rod that fit between the bottom of the dash and the fuel pedal.

I used that for years, the top speed on these trucks ranged from 54 to 68 mph. I used that for more than 20 years without a problem.

In an emergency, it was easy enough to throw in the clutch, the governor would not let the engine over rev.