Best >$30k car with sub 20mph adaptive cruise

Doesn’t have to be brand new. Wouldn’t mind a few years old. Looking ideally for a subcompact SUV. I have a 2014 Tiguan. I really would like help in stop and go traffic and other slowdowns on highways. HAS TO BE ABLE TO WORK BELOW 20MPH

No need to yell . I have no idea why you want that feature at that speed . Really impractical and could cause more problems than solve.

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I really don’t think using cruise control-even “adaptive” control in stop an go driving is a good idea.


I’m grateful for the perspective of the Luddites

I am not a Luddite . I was a Safety Director for a decent sized trucking firm . And what you want to do is not a safe practice at all . Using cruise in slow city traffic should never be done .


The Lexus NX and other models are available with all speed dynamic radar cruise control that can bring the vehicle to a stop when necessary, then resume speed. Might be difficult to find on a used vehicle or verify if it has optional all speed cruise control.

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Would a steering wheel mounted throttle be suitable for you?

If you got a throttle by wire vehicle, it would be possible to make a sort of a game controller like push button device on the steering wheel that would increase the throttle a bit.

But this makes traffic worse for everyone. If everyone goes a consistent speed the traffic is better. In countries where everyone drives with standard transmissions, the traffic isn’t as bad since stop and go is harder to do. More people keep moving at a slow pace.

You might find a car like that with radar cruise control, but I’m wondering why the requirememt that the car cost more than $30,000? You wouldn’t buy one for less?

I was not going to reply but since you are soliciting Luddite opinions, I am glad I don.t live where such a feature would be particularly useful. Just one more stupid thing to break.

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Don’t be so hard on they guy/gal. He/she is just trying to maximize their efficiency. You know, eating breakfast, reading the paper, doing the make up, changing the baby, maybe napping a bit, while on the way to work. It’s all about time management. :man_facepalming:

Since you have more than $30,000 in your budget, I think you have your answer above, Lexus may have what you want, if Lexus has it, Toyota may offer it on some of the Toyota branded vehicles.

I have it on my NX, and it works very nicely at expressway speeds.
At less than 20 mph?
I’ll have to check my Owner’s Manual for details, but I don’t think that it works at that low a speed.

Update: Rather than paging through the manual, I just did a real-world test and I can report that I was able to engage the Adaptive Cruise Control at 18 mph. I was prepared for an “error message”, but it worked.