Looking for a hybrid that has cruise control that starts at 1 MPH

Because I need to keep pressure to a minimum on my right leg, we’re looking for a hybrid SUV that cruise control can engage as soon as you put your foot on the gas.That’s what our current Subaru Legacy has. Unfortunately, this car is very uncomfortable for me. After the initial touch of the gas pedal you can use the controls to accelerate and not wait until you’re over 25 mph. I haven’t been able to find this info. I even test drove aToyota Venza and they didn’t know how the cruise control worked. I hope there are some who know which hybrid SUVs have this available. Thanks so much!
I’m editing because it might sound as though I’m disabled as the first respondent thought which I am not. Driving any length of time makes my right leg ache. I can run and walk and dance and drive without cruise control if I need to. What we have in the Legacy is what I’m looking for and hope some others know what other Hybrid SUVs are out there.

No pressure right leg? I think your driving days are over. You sound unsafe to others on road.
Or how about handicapped wheelchair controls? Lots of paraplegics drive cars.

Nope. I can put pressure on but doing that as in driving all day makes my leg painful at night. I don’t limp. I can run. I guess I need to explain but wish I didn’t. I would have said something to that effect if it was that bad.

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I doubt if you will find any vehicle that lets you use cruise below 25 mph because that is not safe in city traffic. If you brake with your left foot ( As I have to do ) that will take a lot of pressure off your right foot .Or as Cavell says handicap controls are a good answer.
Do you have to drive all day that often ?

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Painkillers? Oxy? Pharma has you covered.

As I said a cruise control in our Subaru Legacy is exactly what we’re looking for. Are they really the only car that has this? That’s hard to believe. And thanks I do break w/ my left foot.

haha hope we can keep to the subject. I’m dealing w/ the healing. Thanks.

what is uncomfortable about it? if it is the seat you can go to vehicle upholstery shop and have the seat made to your likings. more padding wherever its needed. or even change the shape of it.

Thanks for commenting. I’ve already spoken to physician therapists and we have come to the conclusion that this is what I need. An SUV w higher seat and a cruise control like our Legacy. I came here asking what I thought was a straight forward question. I appreciate all the suggestions but please rest assured I have delved into this subject and really just need an answer if there are other cars other than the Legacy that has this kind of cruise control. I don’t want another Subaru

There is a device available that attaches to the gas pedal with an extender bar across to left of the brake pedal which allows for using the left leg and foot to control both the gas and braking. It doesn’t interfere with the brake pedal and still allows normal use of the gas pedal with the right foot.

One of my aunts had such a device on her car. When she drove she drove entirely using her left foot for both gas and brake. When others drove her car we still drove using the right foot.


Interesting. I’ll look into that. Currently I have something attached to the gas pedal that I control w/ my hand but that gets tiring. Thanks for the idea!

What are you Breaking with your left foot ? Oh wait , you meant braking.

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Go to your Subaru dealer and tell them what you want. Odds are that the other Subaru models have the same type of cruise control. They sell SUVS too and maybe one of them will work for you. You might want an extended drive. If the dealer can’t loan one overnight cost free, maybe you can rent one for a day or two to check it out on extended drives.

Another alternative is to get an accelerator pedal installed for your left foot, if that would work. We have a friend without a right leg and she can’t control the accelerator with the prosthesis. She has the left foot pedal.

While your question is simple, very few, if any, of us have experience with this issue. We’ll try to answer, but there probably won’t be many responses, and they might be off base give our inexperience.

I never heard of cruise control working under 20 MPH. maybe yours is defective and you just got lucky, and it works for your needs.
but I could be wrong. best of luck finding what you need.


Maybe the steering wheel speed controls work to increase and decrease the vehicle speed at low speeds but the cruise can’t be set to maintain a speed below 25 mph.

If that is the case that just does not sound like a safe practice .

Thanks for your thoughts. I’m going to look into an accelerator pedal.

I figured if there were other cars that people had those people would respond. I didn’t expect a slew of responses but I thought someone would know. Maybe not and I’ve got a defective car which makes the cruise control work this way.

ps I’m not crazy about Subarus but as the last option I’ll test drive their SUVs

Maybe I misspoke. It is the the steering wheel controls that increase and decrease at low speeds. Isn’t that the cruise control?

Thanks! Volvo-V70 mentioned it was the maybe the steering wheel control that might do that. And yes that is what I’m talking about which I believed was the cruise control but maybe I’m misnaming this?

There are several Toyota and Lexus vehicles available with Dynamic radar cruise control with full-speed range.

The system uses a camera and millimeter radar to keep pace with the vehicle in front of you or the set speed. After the vehicle stops, tap the accelerator to resume.

Ding ding ding! This is IT! Thank you so much! I knew someone would know what I was talking about. I didn’t know what it was called. And weird bc yesterday I test drove a Toyota Vensa and they couldn’t get any kind of cruise control to work. But thank you! I really appreciate it!