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Looking for a Great Little Car

My sister-in-law loved her little Suzuki Forsa, bought it used, drove it to its natural death, now the same with her Geo Metro (I know it’s basically the same car). She’s looking for another used subcompact that can realistically be picked up for under $5K in the used market (so the Mini Cooper is out). Anyone really love their Ford Fiesta or Pontiac G3?

The G3 is the same car as the Chevy Aveo. I would look elsewhere. The Aveo and G3 never got good reviews. Consider a 2007 or earlier Kia Rio sedan. The Hyundai Accent is essentially the same car starting in 2006. These cars offer good value as used cars.

Too bad there’s no more Mazda GLC.

I like my '07 Nissan Versa. It isn’t the sardine can that the Metro was.

You aren’t gonna get a Fiesta for $5k, unless you’re thinking about the 80s soda can model. If you’re talking about the new model, only way to get one of those for 5k is a salvage titled one

The G3 is a Daewoo, leave it like the Pontiac brand, dead.

Kick up a size and you open up a wider selection for yourself. Mazda 3, Ford Focus, Chevy Cobalt, Hyundai Elantra

If she loved a Geo Metro, I wouldn’t worry. She seems pretty easy to make car happy. Anything will do.

A Hyundai Accent would be a good buy. Avoid a Mini at all cost.