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Anybody own an Aveo,and your opinions

if you do

I don’t own one, but from what I’ve heard, they’re the bottom of the pack in the compact class. Sure, they’re cheap, but so’s a Hyundai Accent (which I do own), and is, I believe, a better car overall, for the same price. Plus, the Accent doesn’t feel really cheap, whereas I’ve heard the Aveo does.

To the best of my knowledge, it’s not a bad car, it’s just other cars are better. Ones to consider: Hyundai Accent, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa, Ford Focus hatchback, Honda Fit, Kia Rio. Most if not all of these cars are as good or better than the Aveo in reliability and fuel mileage.

There’s also an Aveo review here:

The Aveo is built by Daewoo in Korea, as are several Suzuki models. Daewoo also built the Pontiac LeMans from the early 90s. I owned one of them, and while it was not a fancy car it was extremely reliable and inexpensive to own and operate.

I suggest that the Aveo would be OK for someone who is not afraid to open the hood every week or two and make sure things are as they should be. It’s NEVER going to be a luxury car, but it might serve well as basic transportation in and around town.

My daughter recently purchased a 2005 Hyundai Accent, and so far the car has impressed me. It’s getting 36-38 mpg with the 5-speed transmission, and I don’t think even the Aveo can beat that.

GM bought Daewoo a few years ago; 2002, I believe. But the Aveo is built in the old Daewoo facilities.

I just bought a used one a few weeks ago that had a few miles. I’ve had a few problems because the last person who owned it wasn’t a big car fanatic and didn’t service it as much as I would. But, it’s an OK car so far. I like the design of the sedan, the interior seems very large for a car its size and it seems safe. But, the gas mileage isn’t as good as it should be.

According to CR it has a very low satisfaction rating…like; would you by this car again ?..a resounding NO !

Personally, I am disappointed with its fuel economy ratings. A car that small should use less fuel than it does. There are larger cars available that use less fuel.

Drive one and see if you like it. Try the Accent and a Kia Rio, too.

My son has an Accord, his girlfriend soon to be wife has a Hyundai. Their plan was to run the Hyundai into the ground and repace it with another Honda. It ain’t working. The little bugger just isn’t giving up approaching 200k. We all have a different (better) opinion of them now.

Not all of them fall apart. A lot of them will go a long way. Statistics work that way. No matter what you drive or how you maintain it, you could get the most unlikely result. When some Honda dies, a Hyundai owner could still be shouting It’s ALIVE! It’s ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

I rented now two and feel you could do so much better with any other used car if considering purchasing new. If around town car not long trips it could fit your needs. Personally I would go for the Hyundai products which are much better cars and nicer to drive(well rent). I usually rent these cars in the hopes of getting an automatic upgrade since these bargain bin cars are not available at rental agencies usually.