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Looking for a car

What cars have all black totally styrofoam front bumpers?

Well, I believe that many cars have styrofoam beneath the bumper cover. Surely you don’t mean bumpers where the styrofoam is visible, as I do not believe that any bumpers like that exist.

Anyway, the older, cheaper Camrys came with black bumper covers that were perfect for certain Amish sects, but looked rather…downtrodden…ugly…downmarket…cheap, as compared to cars with bumper covers that are the same color as the car’s body. I believe that some of the older, cheaper Corollas may have had these black bumpers also.

Are you one of the “Black Bumper Amish”, or do you just like ugly cars?

I don’t know what mark is after, but I (and many other city dwellers) have a problem with most cars bumpers. They typically have a coat of paint the same color as the body, with a black primer under that. Any minor scratch (and try parking in Boston without getting a scratch; we park by ear) exposes the black primer. A deeper scratch exposes the white plastic with a black surround. ugly.

By the time I have a car a few years, the bumpers are a mélange of colors.

Styrofoam or acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)? Most bumper fascia is made of ABS.

Years ago most base model Japanese cars had black bumpers. Most are now body-colored, even on the cheapest ones. The black ones only looked good on a black car. Not sure why you are asking the question, for religious or practical reasons. Black bumpers do not show all the scratches you will get from parking cars bumping into you.