Looking at an Infinity 2008 g37 sport



118k miles, Of course a local mechanic to check it out, does it have a timing belt? Any insight is appreciated


No timing belt. Consumer Reports says that all systems are better than average or much better than average except brakes, which were worse than average. There were no much worse than average ratings. A friend has a G35 and is very happy.


Just a quick glance through the the recalls & TSB’s … There’s been some problems / recalls with the seat cushion sensors. Those are used to enable the air bags for the positions the occupants are using, etc. So make sure that work has been done. Some problem with the keyless door locks. Steering , off center steering wheel sensitivity to the wrong size tires or tires w/different amount of tread wear. Idle air control calibration and learning procedure. There’s a revised brake backing plate to address brake judder/vibration. ECM re-programming is advised for some error conditions. Anti-theft system problems can cause no-starts. Also can cause windows to move when closing glove box, believe it or not. Engine oil level variations and resultant engine noises. Various problems such as screen lock up with the audio and navigation system. Rear drive shafts may require lube if clicking sounds heard. 9-14 hours labor for timing chain problems.