2013 Infiniti G37 steering

Has anyone had any problems with the steering in the 2013 g37 Infinity? Ive had my car for 5 months and had to have 2 new ones put in and it still does the same thing.

If you had the same steering part ( rack ?) replaced twice and it didn’t fix your unknown problem, You have a mechanic problem as well as a car one.

If you would care to explain the problem, maybe we can point you in the right direction.

See that thing that looks like a magnifying glass top right? Click on that and enter “infinity steering” It will bring up wome threads on steering problems reported here on the infinity. No applicable recalls or customer interest bulletins I can see. There’s a couple of TSB’s on the steering system service info though, 12-059, and 14-014 . Ask your dealership about those.

What is the thing that it does?

Two new… what?
New steering racks?
New steering boxes?
New power steering pumps?

two new steering colums

it drops down when I am driving

Im sorry do vague, the sterring wheel slips while im driving it slips or drops down like its not engaged in a lock position on the steering column like its supposed to do

Ok, so the tilt system is not working right? Somehow it releases and drops toward your lap?