Looking at a VAN-Ford spark plug blow out problem//I think the engine shows v6 or v8 titan

I was thinking of buying a 97 Ford work van. The van is out in front of some company in an industrial area of town (Pell City AL). I was looking for a cheap vehicle for my side landscaping and yard cleaning business. There were 2 vans a 95 or 96 dodge (500 or 600 miles) and now only the 96 or 97 ford-i think it has around 600k miles on it. The guy said it blew out a plug and misses. He said it only needs the plug but it would take a good mechanic for to replace it. He said his company only put about 10k on the van (taking guys to job sites 7 days a week). He said it has been for sale about 2 wees and he will take 500.00 for it. He said I can talk to his mechanics and the warehouse before I buy it. It runs now. It looks rough and it has seats and mud inside it.

My question is; would it be worth it? Thinking of buying a kit to rethread (5 or 6 threads may need a rethread) at another online site (approx. 127.00 it) and having all 6 or 8 of the plugs replaced.

You want to buy an old vehicle with 600000 miles on it with mechanical problems to run a side business . Really ? That thing will be lucky to finish the season or cost you a couple of thousand dollars and still not be dependable.

What are you using now and why not get a trailer like the ones around here do ?

I have a chevy w title that has been misplaced and signed in the wrong place. I am scared I am going to get pulled over. I kept a dealership tag on it with my updated bos. it is a 91 w/about 190k miles on it. It is a Chevy workvan… I like your idea about the trailer.

With 600k miles on it, that van is suitable only for the scrap yard.

Return to the dealership or contact the DMV before you have a problem . Those dealership tags are only good for 30 days here . How did you get insurance on it ?

Ok. What if i purchased the van and converted it to a camper van. I would just clean it up, take out the seats and keep it at the campground -30.00/mo or at my house and drive it 40 miles once a yr to the campground. When I go camping, I could set up my tent near it and use it to get away for a while. I could also use it to take a lot of my junk to the goodwill. If I scrapped a car here (going rate 450.00) I could get some money; so, wouldn’t the van get my my money back for scrap. I like to buy junk cars and have projects. Am I thinking correctly or am I just a fool with broken dreams and hoarding problems?



Me thinks the answer is Yes.

How the hell have these guys been using it? Is it like a cab where a business has really kept it up over the years? How is it even
running now?

You don’t know how frequently it won’t run, or how often they need to use it. Don’t believe anything they tell you.

ok. i thin i understand.

You do not thin i could make a cheap camper out of it?

oh, my ins was happy to take my money for liability with the make model and vin.

I ( think ) you need to redefine the word cheap . First you want a landscaping vehicle now you want a camper . Starting to think Trolling .

I am out.

No. I am not trolling, I am just indecisive. I have a van that I can’t use. I need a van for some simple chores. Afterwards, I want a camper. This seemed like a good buy for someone like me poor. I was just wondering if I could make it work. Sorry to waste your time. I thank you guys for your input. I may have to some wacky tobacky and rethink some things.

You didn’t waste anyone’s time. Never have to worry about that since those who aren’t interested don’t need to read or respond.
Changing thinking as new information arises is a good thing.

I’d be very leery of a 23 year old vehicle with 600K miles on it, even if they only want $500 for it.

I can pretty much guarantee that a 23 year old van with 600k miles on it has a long laundry list of needs and it could well be that the seller is not talking or is not aware of those needs.

What happens if you replace the plug and discover the engine is worn out, the transmission is dying, and the entire front suspension and steering system needs to be rebuilt?

I might take a chance on it for a couple of hundred dollars at most. At least if things go sour you might recoup some of that total by hauling it off to a scrap iron yard. The blown plug is not the problem; it’s the unknowns.

He said you can talk to his mechanics. Well, the obvious question is why his mechanics don’t replace the plug and continue to use the van for 7 days a week as he stated?
He says it would take a good mechanic to do this. Does that mean his mechanics suck?