Longest lasting tire ever experienced...

For what it’s worth…I replaced the rear tires with Kumho Crugen Premium KL 33 which is what Kumo says is the replacement for that City Venture tire. It has the exact same tread pattern… And looks exactly the same except for the design on the side wall.
And yes I do understand that “technically” I may have exceeded the life of the tires…But there is still 6/32 of tread on the tires… And the sidewalls have no damage. They are not making any kind of noise…and causing no problems whatsoever so I see no reason to replace them yet.

Do you tend to keep the pressure a couple of psi above the sticker value?

Not at all…
Exactly 33psi

2005 Dodge Neon.
I got over 100,000 miles on two of my Kumho Solus KH16 (60000 mile rating) tires.
This was from 2013 to 2020, (almost seven years of LA freeway driving)
The other two had died from other mishaps, (thanks, Caltrans)
Should I have driven on them this long ?
No, because the steel belts were showing pretty bad on one.
Got a new set of the exact same tires last year.

A 28-year-old tire fell apart a month ago. It had almost all its tread because it was, for almost all its life, the spare. (I didn’t rotate it in because it’s different from the other 4.) Since being a spare meant I kept it where the sun don’t shine (underneath the pickup’s bed) it had to be ozone and age. My other 4 tires are 18 years old; I’m getting them replaced Monday despite having only 20K out of a predicted 50K life because if 2 of them fail like the last one, I’ll be in the soup. It’s lived in California and New Mexico.

Caltrans fixes roads, not damages them, and they’re fixed as well and as often as Californians want to pay for.