Long term storage

I am deploying to Iraq for a year and need info on storage for a 2006 Nissan Murano.All fluids are synthetic(inc. oil).

what about tires,battery and fuelsystem?

It will stay in my garage in Tempe,Az.

Battery on a trickle charge and jack the car up on blocks or jackstands just to get the weight off the tires so that flat spots don’t develop. Fill them up to specks.

What he said, plus put the recommended amount of fuel stabilizer (“Stabil”, or similar brand) in the tank (drive with it to make sure it’s well-mixed). Good luck, and thanks!

I would add some fuel stabilizer to the fuel and use a battery tender (a regulated trickle charger) and/or remove the battery and store it away from the car. This makes the car a lot harder for the typical thief to steal. Don’t worry about flat spots on modern tyres. They were a problem back in the 50’s and 60’s but by the 90’s tyre design has changed and even if you get a flat spot it goes away in a day or two. Of course putting your car on blocks and removing the wheels also makes it more difficult to steal.

Remember to contact your insurance company. Keep the comprehensive insurance active as it protects you from fire, theft etc, but you will not need to pay for collusion insurance, and that is the expensive part.

Stay safe and return in one piece for your car. Thanks for serving.

Inside storage in a nice dry pleace like Arizona will be easy on your car. Do as others suggested and your car will be ready for you when you come back.