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Gas additives

I have a Chevy pickup (2007) that I don’t drive often. It stays in the garage until needed. I try to drive it once a month. Do I need to put something in the gas to keep it from getting old or whatever?

I’d put in a double dose of Stabil.

Most gas now contains 10% ethanol and sometimes more. Make sure the additive is made to treat ethanol in the gas as well as stabilize it. Marine fuel stabilizers do both.

YES ! fuel stabilizer.
My 79 Chevy pickup got fresh gas . . . . TWO years ago !
It will start right up perfectly today.

I concur with everyone else here. Sta-Bil, or the equivalent in the tank. I have the same issue with my 2004 truck. It takes me a long time to use a tankful of 31 gallons. Fuel stabilizer is cheap insurance.

Thanks everyone, I will do that. Let me ask you this, one of the headlights gets condensate inside on the cover. Will that become a problem? Looks like you have to take the whole frontend apart to get it off. There are two 'lens/covers, this is the lower one.

@pellusch If you can reach the bulb without tearing the whole car apart, try pulling out the bulb and heating the lens with a hair dryer to drive off the water. Once gone, put the bulb back in.