Long live the 4cyl

I am a fan of the USA Today. I like to see what people with no automotive experience but a job with a newspaper have to say about cars.

Well today they made my day by proclaiming there is life in the IC yet. In fact they labeled hybrids as something of a curiousity and reserved the mainstream for the IC, in paticular the 4cyl IC with direct injection.

Some probably hate to see renewed interest (or continued interest) in the IC, but I just knew its days were not yet numbered.

OH yes my question, is the news of the revival or the death of the IC premature?

As much as we would like to move to something more efficient and clean, the infrastructure isn’t there yet. Besides, once the infrastructure is in place, the internal combustion engine will be phased out over a long period, much like the horse-drawn carriage.

With direct injection, I think that there is a lot of potential left in IC engines for the future.

As much as I know a 4-cyl would meet my needs, a v6 is smoother, more powerful, and not a lot thirstier. But I would be happy if they cut the size back to 3.0 l, I have no need for 260-300 hp.

Interesting post, especially in light of the recent ruling that the EPA can regulate carbon dioxide into oblivion without having to be constrained by laws passed by the houses of congress.

The ICE is still the only effective way to power mobile machines that’s supported by a nationwide infrastrcture. However, I have faith that in the foreseeable future, perhaps in my children’s lives, an infrastructure will be developed to support plug-in electric cars. The technology is eveolving, Tesla has proven in viable, and our esteemed regulators (our self-anointed saviors of the earth) will force the cost of driving an ICE beyond sanity.

NOTE: you cannot have an ICE powering a mobile machine without carbon dioxide. No way, no how.

I fear for the absolute power being grabbed by the feds and their agencies.