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Long crank no start/starts after time 2013 Rio

I have a 2913 Kia Rio. I have replaced the high pressure pump as we thought that was the issue. What happens is there is times where the car fires and runs great. But times it will just crank has power. But will not fire. If you spray starting fluid in the breather tube it will start. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to figure this out? Or suggestions? I was also told possibly that the crank sensor is going out?

Stop guessing around by changing parts for no reason.Go to your nearest independant mechanic because he has the tools an expertise to fix your car in no time

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That information came from a tech. I want to avoid the dealer. But may have to as none of the local shops around have dealt with the GDI systems. Was hoping for some insight off here.

Kia has a problematic GDI system.This system has to be clean from time to time by a Kia dealer when the rattleling noise comes back.They use some kind of sandblasting product to clean the valves.