LoJack competitor recommendation

I am thinking of paying $700 for LoJack. I really want to know where my car is if it is stolen. Is there a competitor that has more features or a lower price that people recommend?

700.00 plus the monthly fee . What kind of vehicle is this ? Also in less time then it took to sign on here a simple Google search would have pages of vehicle tracking devices . Even Amazon has them.

Yep, I’ve seen maybe a hundred different products, some that hook to your cell phone. The phone aps often have other features added, such as being able to send messages to the phone, cameras, and telling if your teenager is driving safely.

And I was simply looking for a GPS.

I agree, what kind of car is this? Most regular transportation cars won’t be targeted by professional thieves, and the only risk is a crime of opportunity if you leave the doors unlocked or step out with the engine running. As long as you exercise common sense, most people should not have to worry.

My car came with LoJack and I’ve never had to pay a monthly fee. It was included free from the dealership.

My opinion is that LoJack isn’t worth it. Neither are its competitors. If my car is insured, and it gets stolen, I’m not sure I want it back, particularly if it gets trashed in the process.

True… but there are other reasons for lojacks… like spying on others driving your car (tracking a SO?).

One guy on a chat said he couldn’t prove an attendant was driving his BMW. He installed a system and got proof, including a pix of the joy riders. The garage settled for $600, he said.

That’s not how low LoJack works (at least the one I have). Your friend must have used a different type of GPS tracker.

If I didn’t trust my SO, I’d address that issue, not spy on her.


Sorry… should have put “lojack” in quotes… a slang term, lojack vs LoJack. (Like Kleenex for any tissue.) But even LoJack offers their SureTrack option.

Many of the new systems come with On-Star type tech, generics can have phone aps, cameras, remote car operation, parking lot finders, even safety/MPG improvement suggestions.

I have a Toyota Corolla. Street Eagle has limited coverage in Mexico. OnStar does not work with Toyotas.

Is there a device that is reliable with coverage in Mexico? I read that many cars are stolen and never recovered. I read that many stolen cars end up in Mexico. I am looking to save money too. I am curious if someone has a specific brand or device that can do what I want (cost less than $700 to install and allow me to find my car in Mexico).

Some people will take an old smart phone they aren’t using anymore, and hard-wire its charger into a hidden area of the car. That keeps the phone charged up and turned on. Then they use the find-my-phone feature (or Lookout if it’s an Android that doesn’t have one built in) to locate the vehicle if it’s been stolen.

The obvious disadvantage here is that if the thief takes it somewhere without good cell reception, you’re out of luck, though you can look at the location history to at least see where the thief was going before cell reception was lost (in, for instance, an underground garage).

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I have the LoJack security system.The fee is $700 for the life of the vehicule and transferable to the next owner.