Anti-theft devices


Does satellite radio and/or GPS navigation effectively serve as a tracking device if your vehicle is stolen? Is Lo-Jack the best tracking device, and, roughly, what is the cost of Lo-Jack (it’s not on their web site).


I’ve never heard of a satellite radio or GPS with that capability.

Don’t forget that there may be a break on your insurance rates if you install a tracking system.


Remember those devices do not protect you car, they can only increase the chance of you finding it.

The best device I know of was on the old VWs. They had a foot operated switch. one setting was “off” I someone took your car and did not know about it, they would find the car stalled on them in a couple of blocks, likely blocking traffic and most likely they would just leave it. All you had to do was go for a short walk and turn the fuel back on.

It only really works if few people know about it or the switch is difficult to find. A good DIY project.


A GPS navigation system will not function as a tracking device, because it only receives GPS signals. It does not broadcast what it receives in any way.

Some people get an old GPS enabled cell phone and hide it in the car – you can track the phone as long as it’s on, which of course means you have to remember to charge it.


Actually, it depends on the car. While GPS per say only receives satellite signals to calculate your position, some new cars that have GPS systems as an option also include a locating transmitter as part of the package. The system transmits the location of the vehicle, figured out by the GPS system, and relays it off satellites to a receiving station that can then determine your car’s location if it’s stolen.

Satellite radio only receives, it does not transmit.

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Unless we’re talking about an extremely valuable antique auto or an expensive exotic I cannot, for the life of me, understand why so many people want to have their stolen cars returned to them.

Maybe I’m crazy (OK, I’m crazy), but if my car were stolen that LAST thing I would want is for it to be returned to me. I certainly don’t want it back after it’s been abused, beaten, chopped up for parts, or otherwise mistreated.

My vehicles are insured. If they are stolen I’d rather have the check than the car, because the car is likely to become a problem.