Locks are possessed

I have a 2006 Xterra Off Road. There is a weird quirk with the door locks. They all randomly lock themselves. There is no rhyme or reason to when it happens. It might do it one day and not again for a year. One time it happened 17 times in about 10 minutes. It’s happened when the key is sitting on a table. It’s also happened when the keys are sitting on the seat. This isn’t exclusive to mine. My dad had a 2005 Off Road. That one did the same thing. He now has a 2015 Pro 4X. That one does it. My uncle has one too. I think his is a 2010. It’s not a pro 4 or off-road. His does it. My mom has had a rogue for about a year. It’s never done this. She drove a maxima for 7 years. It never did this.

Any ideas?

Replace the keyfob because the lock/unlock button is sticking.

A similar problem was reported at clubxterra.org.Please read on

Apr 10, 2010


I have a 2000 Xterra that started having problems with the door locks. I would hit the lock button and the doors would try and lock over and over again. You could hear a click… click… click…click from the remote box under the dash.

I even had the problem while driving. I would see my hazard lights flash and the hear the same clicking sound a few times before it stopped.

Well I took my keyless remote apart and tried pressing the silver metal buttons with my finger. 2 of the 3 buttons when pressed worked fine. However, the main button that I use the most felt different. The metal tab on the button was sticking. The tiny metal tab on the button became so sensitive to vibration that I could tap the keyless remote on the side and cause the doors to lock without hitting any buttons. So the problem with the hazard lights flashing and the clicking while driving was caused by my keyless remote swinging around tapping my keys.

This button problem has now happened on both my remotes. I found a replacement on Ebay. No problems since!

I would plug back in the harness you took out, pop open your keyless remote and test the tiny metal buttons.

I’ve replaced both twice. The last time was when I washed my jeans 6 months ago. That didn’t help.