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Lockout valve transmission

My engine light was on so I took it to my local mechanic. They said it was a solenoid something-or-other. The literature said to not replace it but to make sure it was clean. They did a transmission fluid job, dropped the pan, and cleaned the solenoid, but promised nothing if it didn’t work since they couldn’t replace the part. The engine light came on almost immediately. I then took it to the dealer who stated that the code was for a “lockout valve” in the transmission. They said it will be approx $350 to drop the pan and diagnose the problem. If the local guys can drop the pan for $150, why is the dealer trying to charge me $350? And has anybody had any experience with the mystery solenoid or lockout valve?

How about giving us the engine size and the year of your Tundra. What exactly was the code/s they got when scanning. Could they have been talking about a “Lockup solenoid”??


What is the year and milage on the car? You also did not tell us if the car had a driving problem with the light on.