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Tundra Transmission Question

My husband changed the transmission fluid in our 2000 V8 Automatic Toyota Tundra this weekend. It drove totally fine, we just changed it because it was at 90000 miles and the handbook told us to do so. He dropped the pan, drained it, put a new filter on it and filled it back up, and now it won’t go into reverse, it has a hard time shifting into 3rd and won’t go into 4th. The overall consensus is that the filter isn’t on right, but of course I’ve gotten the “Don’t drive it at all, tow it to a shop to get it looked at”. Please help!!! My husband drove it to work today because he had read that it may take a few miles of driving to move the fluid around. Should he drive it home from work and just try fixing the filter when he gets home? Should we take it somewhere? Thank you!!

Did you get the filter from Toyota? If not, it probably doesn’t fit right. Hope you saved the old one. If the old one was a stainless steel mesh, it doesn’t nned to be replaced, just flushed out.

You also have to use only Toyota ATF. Dexron can cause problems.