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Transmission Light Came On

My car’s check transmission light came on so I brought it into the Mercury dealsership to have it checked out. Long story short - torque converter in transmission is sticking - fix just that, it’s $2,000, only the part is guaranteed. Get a whole new transmission - $3,000 - 100,000 mile warranty. (Meanwhile the car is driving perfectly, light never came on after that one time.)

Drive it until the light comes on again. The light will stay on if there is a problem. You don’t need a whole transmission for a torque converter problem. In fact, the torque converter may be ok. The problem may be a relay or wiring.

How many miles are on this car? How often (if ever) has its transmission been serviced? What exactly was the code they pulled? (It may be listed on your invoice).

If it hasn’t been serviced properly (which would be a pan drop & filter change every 30K) I’d take it to a local, independent transmission shop. Explain what’s been happening and just ask them to do a basic transmission service, and maybe a fluid exchange. If the full fluid exchange gets done the pan & filter MUST be done first.

Depending on the code you may basically have something like sticky TCC lockup solenoid. I bought a car used that was throwing a TCC solenoid code. I don’t know its service history (it was cheap) but I did the filter couple of times within about 10K and poof - no more code.

The mileage is 58,200, car is on the road 4 ? years. Don?t have the paperwork from the dealer, it?s at home. Don?t think the transmission fluid was ever changed. I asked dealer about doing the 60,000 mile maintenance now as I was bringing the car in, and he said to wait until 60,000.