Anit theft radio in 2000 pontiac sunfire

need to know if anyone knows how to get it out of the lock mode. ( i had a new battery installed) i went to a gm dealer today and they wanted $90.00 to do it… i thought that was a bit much… any help

Unless you have the code, you will have to pay the dealer. No code, no radio. $90 is outrageous. On my car, the code is a 5-digit number I enter using the radio preset buttons. Takes 5 seconds.

A competent battery shop should be able to install a new battery without wiping out the radio.

thanks for the imput… i had a friend install the battery… maybe that was my 1st mistake!!!
i guess on the 2000 you cannot get the code from the preset buttons and according to the dealer they have to put a computer on it… does that sound right??

That’s possible. Do you have the owner’s manual. I the code may be written in there, or it may be on a sticker in the trunk somewhere. With that you should be able to get it back up yourself without a computer. Otherwise it may need that computer to reset it.