Locked ignition, 1987 Dodge Caravan

My partner’s ignition just got stuck in perenial “on” position. He finally got the car shut off, but we are fearful it is not going to start tomorrow. Any thoughts appreciated.

Do you mean the key will not turn? In any case you need to remove a battery cable to shut the whole thing down and correct the problem before trying to drive it. I certainly would not drive it in that condition. I suspect it will need a new switch and that could be difficult to find for that car. With a lot of luck it is the lock portion and a good locksmith can fix it for not too much $$$


An automobile mechanic can change that ignition lock, if it’s defective. There are actually two parts: the ignition lock (key part) and the ignition switch part (with the wires and contacts (switches)). It’s possible that the switch part is jammed. There is a bar from one part to the other part. The mechanic can disconnect the bar, and then check the lock.