Lock/ferme switch inside a 1992 honda civic

I was fiddling around and i pushed the lock/ferme switch on the side of my backseat drivers seat downward and then closed the door. So now i cant use this door at all, no matter what I’ve tried, the drivers controls do not affect the doors lock or unlock whatsoever. any help?!

There may be a switch in the door jamb you can unclick, or there may be a control lighted up on your controls activating child proof etc. wag me

Put lock/ferme into your search program and you should find a YOUTUBE video and other articles that might help you.

There are 2 lessons to be learned here.

  1. Don’t fiddle with things you know nothing about.
  2. The useful information contained in the owners manual.

If you don’t have the owners manual anymore it can be downloaded here:

I believe the answer you are looking for is on page 48, You have to open the door using the outside handle while lifting up on the door lock button simultaneously.