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Honda Civic lock problems

I have a 2002 civic. The key fob only opens or locks the passenger side doors but not the driver side doors. Worse still, the key does not work in the lock so I have to use the fob to open the passenger side and climb in to open my drivers door. Having said that the key won’t open the door lock, it will do only occassionally. I might try it 20 times with no luck and on the next attempt it opens it as if there was never a problem in the first place… Help with the physical lock would be appreciated but my priority is to get the fob to operate all of the doors. I have tried the simple things like changing the battery of the fob and resetting the key. Thanks

One thing you can do before replacing anything, is to take the door apart and see what’s going on when you turn the key. Are you comfortable with doing that? Maybe there is a broken linkage but also could be a bad lock actuator. It’s fairly common on these civics.

What happens when you try to use to key to open the lock? Is it stiff, and maybe doesn’t turn at all, or does it turn freely but just not unlock anything? Any problems manually locking/unlocking the door from the inside?

If the key won’t work, I suspect you might be using a copied key that wasn’t cut correctly. Another possibility is that your key is worn out.

Go to a Honda dealership, give them your VIN, and ask them to cut you a new key using the VIN (not copying an existing key). It might be a better fit than the key you’ve been using.