Location of engine vent plug

I can not find the engine vent plug on my 1996 town and country van. Engine size is 3.8. Haynes manual has illustration that is not clear enough. Please help.

What Engine Vent Plug ? Please Indicate The Function Of The Plug You Are Looking For. Is This A PCV Component ? I Have A 1996 Factory Shop Manual For This Vehicle That I Can Consult.


it’s for bleeding the cooling system. According to the manual, the location is near the thermostat housing. However, I have looked at the location according to the manual and do not see it.

Draining - “To Vent 3.3 / 3.8L Engines Remove The Vent Plug (Fig. 13).” Filling - "The 3.3 / 3.8L Engines Require The Removal Of The [Vent] Plug On The Front Of The Cylinder Head (Fig. 13). When The Coolant Reaches This Hole; . . . "

. . . “Install the vent plug and tighten to 7 N.m (60 in. lbs.) for 3.3 / 3.8L engines. Continue filling system until full, this provides better heat performance. Be careful not to spill coolant on drive belts or generator.

Fig. 13 - The plug appears to be in the cylinder head just behind the radiator hose where it attaches to the thermostat housing just below the end of the valve cover. It may be under spark plug wires (I see what looks like a wire holder there). It says nothing about a second plug on the other head. I don’t know if there is one, maybe not.

Does this do it ?


Hardly anyone gets stars any more these days. I was sure he was asking about the PCV valve grommet (probably why I don’t get stars)