Purge plug

Where the heck is the anti- freeze purge plug on a 2006 Honda CRV located?

If you mean a drain plug, there very well might not be one. There might be a radiator drain. People commonly just pull the lower radiator hose to drain the antifreeze

A Cooling System Purge Plug/Valve Should Be Found At The Highest Point In The Cooling System If There Is One. If Not You’ll Have To Purge It Another Way.

I’m sure you’ve checked the 2006 Honda CR-V Owner’s Manual and it probably is mentioned there. I will suggest that if you are a person who is going to do any maintenance or repairs that are not detailed in the Owner’s Manual then it would behoove you to get a Service Manual.

I know you need help right now, but for future questions, consider a book. I buy factory Service Manuals for every car I purchase. Although expensive, they don’t cost, they pay. http://www.helminc.com has a new 1,500 page factory 2005 -2006 Honda CR-V Service Manual in stock, ready to ship, for $56.50 + S&H.


There’s a drain plug at the bottom of the radiator. You’ll probably have to remove the splash shield if you have one.

Follow the lower radiator hose up to where it connects to the engine. Right behind the connection you should see a bolt with a short tube (1/4") sticking out the top. This is the purge valve.

I’ve always just removed one end of the lower radiator hose.

That doesn’t work on a Honda, both the top and bottom hoses to the top of the engine, one at the back and one at the front, or side to side if the engine is mounted longitudinally. I think the OP just wanted to purge the air from the system.