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Location of 1998 Camry 2.2L Le A140E Sl Shift Solenoid

It’s very frustrated that 50% of mechanics contacted said the SL solenoid is inside the trans. and 50% said that it’s on the outside.
No one know how to read DTC P0773 codes. Is it a bad solenoid or bad electrical malfunction ? Can anyone help me ?

You will need an ohm meter to test the shift solenoid valve SL circuit. No one can predict where the problem will be found.
The shift solenoid valve SL is attached to the valve body, the transmission oil pan must be removed.

My information from Alldata indicates it is external to the transmission toward the engine from the dip stick tube entry into the transmission and just above the manual shifter shaft. General location, left hand front corner of the engine/transmission unit. Looks like it is attached with 2 bolts.

The shift solenoids #1 and #2 are attached to the valve body and require removal of the pan for access.

Hope this helps.

You’re correct, I was reading from the diagnostic test which appears to be incorrect;

(a) Jack up the vehicle.
(b) Remove the oil pan.
© Disconnect the shift solenoid valve SL connector.
(d) Remove the shift solenoid valve SL.

In the repair section it is shown to be next to the park/neutral switch.