Locating parts for old cars


a friend of ours has a 1987 dodge ram 50 with a standard transmission. build may of 87. this truck is in good condition.

he has been trying to locate a pully timing set. he has checked with dealers, after market. like oreilys, pep boys. and no one seems to make the part. he has even checked the junk yards only to find a broken part.

this friend will not part with this small truck. any other ideas.


houston, tx


Well, firstly, what exactly is a “pulley timing set”? I punched it into google and got zero results, so I’m guessing what you’re looking for maybe has a different name. Do you mean the pulleys that the timing belt runs on?

This isn’t that old of a truck and, for what it’s worth, I believe it has a Mitusbishi engine shared with the Montero, Mighty Max and Dodge Raider.


Isthis http://www.autopartswarehouse.com/products/products.php?year=1987&make_text=dodge&model_text=ram_50&category=engine_mechanical&subcategory=timing_chain_and_hardware&part_name=timing_chain_kit what you’re looking for? I don’t know exactly what the four different ones shown are, but you can always contact the company to ask.


This what you looking for?