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82 Jeep CJ7 Ider Pulley/Bearing

This Jeep has a Serpintine belt & I’m having trouble finding bearings or even another pulley. It’s possible it was a kit. Does anyone have either or know where I can get one?


4, 6, 8, crate ???

The idler and tensioner pulleys seem almost generic. A parts store can match a new one to replace the old one.

Its a 258, 6 & the parts stores couldn’t match it up. That’s why were thinking it was a kit, ordered online? I’m looking for anyone who may have or know where to get one a little less than $60???

This is where I go for hard to find parts such as bearings.

If the old bearing part number isn’t listed or cross-referenced, then measure the old bearing and order a bearing that meets those dimensions.

Saved my butt a few times.


This is the same Jeep as your other post about mounting the alternator, right? I just read over there that we’re dealing with an '84 or '85 258 in an '82 CJ7…which will make things a little harder, just because you have a few different years to keep in mind plus some aftermarket/mismatched accessories, like the alt.

In general, though, this shouldn’t be too hard. They only made a few million of those straight 6s. A couple of phone calls might get this straightened out, especially if you have the particulars on the engine block. There are many shops and recyclers that deal exclusively with Jeeps, and that might have everything you need in one place…it’ll cost a few bucks, but it might spare a lot of headaches resulting from a jury rigged front of the motor. Give and a shot, they both have warehouses full of Jeep parts.

Yes it is & Thank You so very much for the websites to go to. You have been a Tremendous Help. We finally got the Alternator hooked up & then the starter went out. Got a new starter & its running now, & not making the noise it did before. He still needs to look into either getting a new pulley or bearings for it soon, as we think it was what locked up & snapped the belt, causing the alternator problem to begin with.

I really do appreciate all your help with all my car questions. :slight_smile:

Well it seems my son has got himself a Handful with this Jeep. On his way back to Reno, NV last night, the Jeep broke down. He thinks its a Blown Headgasket? Its one thing after another, nickle & diming him to death. Bummer… :frowning:

Eeks, hopefully not. Why does he think it’s a head gasket? Did it overheat? A failing head gasket shouldn’t result in a vehicle just breaking down on the side of the road. Not to say it’s not problematic, but there would be some warning.

That’s the thing with any older vehicle with lots of unknowns. The good thing is that there isn’t a vehicle on the road that’s more simplistic or easy to work on.

I regret if it sounds jugememental but it has appeared to me that to drive a horse or automobile to death the driver is usually too desperate or too ignorant or too wealthy or too poor to care. That Jeep engine rarely has a sudden catastropnic failure due to overheating. It usually suffers a long and painfull demise that is difficult to ignore. But I wasn’t there… Just speaking from past observations.

Idler pully bearing is FF203 comon alternator bearing