Local Mechanic

Looking for a good and honest local mechanic who knows Chevy S10 in the Milwaukee Area.

Any suggestions?

click on the “Mechanics Files” link on the gray banner at the top of this page.

A Chevy S10 isn’t exotic enough to need a specialty mechanic.

I agree 100% with @oldtimer11

Many, perhaps most, problems could be solved by a competent and experienced mechanic

For finding a provider for the four services most important to your life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness – i.e. doctors, dentists, lawyers, and auto mechanics – you need an unbiased recommendation. You can’t be certain a recommendation is unbiased unless you personally know the person who gives it. So make full use your personal contacts. It’s a local thing. Your personal acquaintances are your best bet. Friends, co-workers, fellow church-goers, gym-goers, dog-walkers, play-date parents, whomever. Ask them all for a mechanic recommendation, then phone each mechanic up and see if they have experience working on Chevy’s. Be sure to tell the mechanic you choose who it was that recommended you. That will give the shop an incentive to do a good job for you.

Here’s some general info you might find useful on the topic …


I agree with @GeorgeSanJose.
I’ve never been comfortable recommending anyone use the “Mechanics Files” on this forum. It’s impossible to know the bias any author has in that list (or any similar list).