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"LOC" radio 920lds

my radio on my 92 olds 98 regency elite went into “LOC” how do i unlock it? realy old man

Turn the ignition switch to on position so the dash lights come on. The radio will display “LOC”.

On the radio hold down preset buttons 2 & 3 for six seconds. A three digit number will appear on the radio display. Write this number down. Within 5 seconds press the AM/FM button on the radio and another three digit number will appear on the display. Write these three numbers after the first three numbers that showed on the display. This is the 6 digit radio identification number.

Call 1-800-537-5140 and then press 1*. You’ll hear “Invalid Code”.

Enter in one of these four code numbers. 139010, 106010, 206010, or 202107 and then press . You’ll then be asked to enter the 6 digit identification number you got from the radio. Enter this 6 digit number and then press. You’ll then be told a 4 digit number twice that’ll unlock the radio.

Turn the ignition back on so the dash lights come on and “LOC” is on the radio display.

Use the MN & HR buttons to enter the 4 digit code into the radio. Then press the AM/FM button.

The radio should now show “SEC” on the display.

The radio is now ready to be used.


thanks for giving it a try,tester. but i must have something else going on.i could not get past step one.turn on key press 2&3 and nothing changes.i am sure it is a original radio. thanks again for the try