Load bang with 2004 Volvo Wagon



My 2004 Volvo XC70 has had 2 “incidents” about 6 months apart and as yet I can’t find a mechanic who knows what is going on.

It makes a very loud “bang”, engine cuts off and I have to roll to the side of the highway. I turn the key off, then turn back on, it starts right up and goes on it’s merry way with no problems. Does anyone have any ideas? Snorky


One guess is an intermittent timing issue. The spark ignites gas at the wrong time and the bang is from the intake or the exhaust side. How many miles? Any check engine lights?


The bang is the hit your wallet is going to take someday soon. Owned 2 XC70’s and they are money pits. My wallet took many hits and I’d advise you to get rid of the Volvo soon before you experience a mega service bill.


Sorry it took me so long to respond. Still on dial-up and it’s a pain. I have 68,000 miles on the car and no check engine lights indicated.