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Volvo XC70 2000 has porblem starting

the car has been sitting for 3 weeks due to vacation, since then I been only driving it to work (less then 2 mils), today my wife took it to the hardware store and when she came back it was dead. after jumping int it ran 2 miles and was out of power again, straight jumping it did not help but charging the battery did? this went on several times until we made it home any ideas what it is and how to cheaply fix it

Read the owner’s manual, or send an email to Volvo. Normally you should avoid hard acceleration and long, sustained highway speeds for about 500-2000 miles. This will maximize the longevity of the motor.

However, due to very expensive maintenance and repair on these cars, the experts on this board will recommend you sell the Volvo the minute the warranty runs out. The break in will be a moot point to you but good for the second and third buyers.

Most cars recommend keeping speeds below 55 to 60 for the 1st couple of hundred miles. Also, the manuals usually advise to vary your speeds. If you don’t use cruise control for a few days you are likely to meet the varying speed item in normal driving.

Read the manual when you get the car, the index should have a “break-in” section if they have specific recommendations.

That Overseas Delivery Sounds Like Fun. You Probably Won’t Have Much Time To Study Up On That New Volvo.

Is it a 2011 Model ? Try downloading the Owner’s Manual and see if the topic of break-in is covered in detail.

Click this link to Volvo and the OM downloads. Download the manual and you can familiarize yourself with the car while you have a little spare time.

Have fun. I’m green with envy. I would look in the manual for you, but my computer uses cups and string and takes forever.


Just drive as you always do and forget about it.

If drive easy or moderate it will last a while. If you drive hard always the car won’t last as long so break in won’t even matter.

Enjoy Sweden.