Little things that count

I recently received a loaner car from Acura while gettnig some repairs done and noted that they some features which are a part of your “top 10 little things that count” list. My question is that is it worth it to install a navigaion, rear camera with an ipod connection the car. please note the car already comes with a fairly decent Bose sound system (Radio/CD/DVD system). Is it possible to add just a rear camera and a navigation system.Also is there something like a front camera so i do not scratch my front by parking too cloose to the wall or bump into another parked car. If os how much should all thins cost approx. and could you recomment a good installer

Oh–based on the thread’s title, I thought that this was going to be a question regarding midget mathematicians.

Never mind.


Acura is a premium brand. People that buy Acuras expect the latest and greatest gadgetry. For most high end brands features like nav, parking camera, and an ipod connector often are bundled together in a “Technology” package, usually you don’t get the buy them al la carte. For the front parking assist, it exists, but mainly in the form of radar/ultrasonic sound waves that give audible cues based on how close to an object you are. But only on very high end luxury cars. I know you can get it on the S class Benz, it works in tandem with the radar guided cruise control, You can also get it on some Jaguar models as well. The most affordable car that I can think of that has it is the Volvo S80. The new Ranger Rover has four cameras mounted on it though. Such a system would be quite expensive and difficult to install and integrate into a vehicle that wasn’t engineered to have the feature in the first place.

You can use aftermarket units for GPS and a rear camera, which can be installed by you or someone who services RVs. However, there really is no substitute for a direct iPod connection. If the radio has a cassette player, you can buy a cassette adapter, but it really isn’t as good as a direct plug. If you get desperate, you can buy an FM transmitter at Walmart or an auto parts store and play the iPod through the radio, but that is probably the worst option of all for sound quality.

“If you got the money honey, I got the time.”

Yes, most modifications ARE possible if you have the dough.
If you want all those toys, go for it.

I’ll just add your name to the list of distracted drivers who treat thier vehicle NOT as the machine it is , but more like living room furniture.